Oh Happy Day!

Just been told that Conway Hall (the theoretical and currently listed hosts of Radfem2012) Have informed Sheila Jeffreys that she isn’t welcome in their building. Thank you Conway Hall!

This has of course raised a huge amount of fuss and palaver with trans people being accused of silencing her. (WE didn’t. YOUR failing to be aware of the anti-discrimination policies of the venue YOU booked is not OUR fault- equally she is perfectly free to say what she likes she just can’t do it in a place that explicitly says it will not tolerate discrimination against trans people.)

I’m not going to shed a tear that her jolly holiday has been marred. She is a hateful woman and I have no sympathy for her on this. She advocates the removal of treatment bar talking cures from trans people (a measure that would lead to us experiencing a far higher suicide rate than we currently do). She tells us we have mutilated our bodies and shames and ridicules us(yes possibly technically true but to tell people they should live in the body they were born with even if this drives them to suicide is disgusting, it’s my body not yours and you have no right to seek to control it or the way I feel about it). She calls us rapists. She tells trans men that we are buying into patriarchy (yeah because cis guys fucking love us that’s why they never rape us or beat us up or kill us. Being trans men doesn’t free us from oppression any more than being male and black or disabled does it just frees us from some oppression unless we are open about being trans or are read).

To be clear. If Jeffreys was calling for a world in which people should not be compelled to have surgery to be accepted as the people they are I would be 100% behind her (I’d still have chest surgery but that’s because I don’t and never have considered my breasts to be part of my body I have absolutely no connection to them as a part of me- to the extent that I frequently bang them into things because I forget they’re there but that choice is mine to make and should not be something I am forced to do to be accepted as me). But she isn’t she is calling for nothing less than our eradication by passive means (she’s not going to kill us but she’s going to do everything in her power to prevent us existing as a group and that will cause the deaths of many of us). That is hate. it is ugly and unnecessary, it is vile and cruel. We will not tolerate it and nor should we have to.

We are people just as much as she is a person and we have just as much right to live our lives without fear, just as much right to be happy, just as much right to be equal. If you would seek to deny us that happiness, that equality then you are siding with kyriarchy* and patriarchy.

*Kyriarchy- From the Greek meaning ‘Lord’ a development of patriarchy which recognises the intersectionality of oppression more here.

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